Monday, September 24, 2012

Tool 11 Reflection

!. I now have may tools to use in my classroom. Some of my favorites are brainpop, wordle, story bird, story starters, I touch.
I had to revamp my stations since I now have these tool available. I have never had these tools available to me before. I had to come up with procedures and expectations for the technology. I also had to come up with accountability for the technology.
I always new technology was important however I didn't have this much available to me.I am so lucky to have lots of support to help me learn how to use all of this technology. I can't wait to get this all in place.
I have learned a lot and will be able to put it in place in the classroom.
Tool 10
I would make sure that the children will know that they are good citizens in our room and they need to be the same on line as they are in the classroom. We have just finished about how to be a good citizen in the room and school so we would transfer that information to the computers and internet. I would make sure the children know not to ever give away any personal information, never say inappropriate things in email that is sent to other people and that they should never go or send links to sights that are not appropriate for them. I would use the Brainpop and common sense sites to teach my first graders and their parents about good citizens with the computer.
Tool 9

3 apps found to use in my room
Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It 
A Bee See Sight Words Free Lite 
1st grade: Math Splash

If the technology does not match the objective the learning is not purposeful
When you make the students accountable by recording their learning or writing down what they have learned then it is easy to monitor their time at the technology stations..This way the students will not just be fooling around and learning something that they need.
I like the Learning games for kids site . I will be able to use many of those games in my classroom.
I aslo liked the SBISD interactive data base. I have and will find many things to use in my classroom
Tool 8

I learned
1. How to set up an itunes account
2. How to take photos and videos with net books
3.How to syn ipad to lap top

I plan on using the itouch to have phonics and math games to reinforce skills that have been taught.
I will use the net books for my listening station. I have a helper that gets them out and put them where they belong in the mornings. She is also the helper that if anyone has issues while I am at the reading group then she helps them.  I have a accountability for that they draw and write their favorite part of the story.
Tool 7

I would find a teacher in another state to compare weather and seasons.
TLW collect data and graph the data of the season and weather of winter. We would use video of  our weather to share with the other state.Then we would use  google docs to share our data that had been collected. The purpose is to see that winter weather and the season looks different in other different states. I will be getting with my friend that is a teacher in Colorado to set up this learning opportunity.
Tool 6

I will use Blogger. I plan to start my own class blog and have the children create and answer questions.

I also plan to use skype  to have interaction with other classes. I will be able to put it up on the active board and then we can learn from other classes and answer questions they may have.
tool 5

I can use these two things in my class. For Mothers day we can use words to describe mom and make a gift for mom. The story bird you can make stories for kids to read and practice their writing.

What does It Look Like? by staceyperera on Storybird