Monday, September 24, 2012

Tool 7

I would find a teacher in another state to compare weather and seasons.
TLW collect data and graph the data of the season and weather of winter. We would use video of  our weather to share with the other state.Then we would use  google docs to share our data that had been collected. The purpose is to see that winter weather and the season looks different in other different states. I will be getting with my friend that is a teacher in Colorado to set up this learning opportunity.

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  1. Love your lesson idea. Now the trick is to find the teachers! I think your friend in Colorado is a great start! Wouldn't it be cool to have several! Maybe we could even do a Flat Stanley type activity! I know we didn't look at Edmodo, but you could join that and possibly make some connections that way. When you can catch your breathe, let's get together and I can show you Edmodo!